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Technical Monograph
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R&D Tangshan Kewei Industrial Control Technology Co.,Ltd.

As the company has always adhere to the development and application of independent intellectual property rights, is committed to creating innovative products with core technology, has developed more than ten products, participate in the drafting of national standards, reporting a number of patents, dozens of national patents and a number of provincial and municipal scientific and technological achievements, is the industry's first through the certification of quality management system, environmental management system China certification and environmental product certification mark and a number of certification authority of the enterprise.

As the company's products cover gas system, gas desulfurization, flue gas desulfurization system of three species, of which the gas generating system of various equipment has obtained national patent products. Zero emission of gas station, phenol water concentration unique patented technology processing and gas station waste heat recovery, solve the difficult problem of the world environment pollution;

The desulfurization of flue gas desulfurization system, the most simple form of limestone - gypsum method, users spend money to do, simple process, convenient operation, reasonable structure, to meet the requirements of environmental protection.

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Address:High tech Development Zone,Tangshan City Sales hotline:0086 315 3261382