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Iron and steel, coking industry must pay attention to the comprehensive utilization of coal gas
Author:admin Date:2015-04-15 Views:245

April 12th ~4 month 13 days, coke oven gas efficient optimization and comprehensive utilization technology seminar held in Dazhou, sichuan. The experts think, comprehensive optimization of coke oven gas utilization and energy conservation efficiency rise will become a new economic growth point of iron and steel, coking industry, appreciation potential.

Yin Ruiyu China academician pointed out in the report, the production of iron and steel - iron is actually the process of coal chemical industry and deep processing process, its physical essence is the input and output of ferrite material flow, energy flow and information flow of carbon. The iron and steel industry ferrogenious flow is the function of iron and steel products manufacturing, how to efficiently use the energy flow function is a function of energy conversion and residual energy. Therefore, steel manufacturing process to achieve three functions: the function of steel product manufacturing, energy conversion and waste processing function. The new steel production process is mainly in order to achieve these three functions.

He stressed that a new generation of iron and steel process is rooted in the market competition, rooted in the ability of sustainable development, rooted in the resources of energy controllable. The realization of the three functions of iron and steel in the process to give full play to resource utilization efficiency and energy carbon energy flow (component) efficiency, especially H2, CmHn and CO components and its utilization value. According to reports, the calorific value of coke oven gas, blast furnace gas and converter gas three gas containing, accounted for 74.6% of the total energy of two steel. Yin Ruiyu stressed that if the enterprise can not see the byproduct gas energy conversion function, vision is limited to product manufacturing, energy costs of steelmaking cost in the solution is not good. For example, the comprehensive optimization of Sichuan steel group using coke oven gas and converter gas to methanol to enhance the carbon flow of iron and steel enterprises value than gas for electricity generation, all energy costs fell 18.51 yuan per ton. He also stressed, the independent coking enterprises should pay more attention to the coal resources reasonable component conversion and appreciation of use, according to the market situation, the development of hydrogen suit one's measures to local conditions, the production of methanol, dimethyl ether and other products two.

President China Coking Industry Association Huang Jingan stressed at the meeting, make good use of coke oven gas is an important research subject to improve efficiency of coking enterprises. In 2012, the coking industry, the loss of up to 42.5%. In the face of the grim situation the same, one is 341 business losses of 15580000000 yuan, an increase of 100.1% losses; on the other hand is the 461 profit 17300000000 yuan, down 27.9%. The difference is, the value of coke oven gas utilization, the profitability of coking enterprises differentiation. He further pointed out that, in 2012, China has 84 large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises coke production of about 132320000 tons, more than 720 independent coking enterprises in production of about 311910000 tons of coke. A total of 4 hundred million tons of coke production, coke oven gas produced in the coking, coking enterprises occupied, rich volume of about about 80000000000 cubic meters, such as using blast furnace gas to further improve the low calorific value and high carbon gas replacement, calorific value and group of byproduct gas resources in the amount of the value will further enhance.

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