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Gasifier Series Tangshan Kewei Industrial Control Technology Co.,Ltd.

The gasifier is to convert coal into combustible gas -- gas (the main component of CO, H2, CH4) production equipment. The working principle is: according to the index of coal gasification process by s...
KW1M Single-stage gasifier

KW1M Single-stage gasifier A gas company as producer (also called single section type), with large gas production, high gasification efficiency, adapt to the characteristics of a variety of coal, the ...
KW3M Two-stage gasifier

KW3M Two-stage gasifier The two section gas producer for production company (also known as the double stage coal gasifier, coal gasification) is dedicated to the design of the furnace type, can be in ...
KW5M Single-outlet pyrolysis gasifier

Single KW5M gasification furnace outlet Dry distillation gasification furnace for single export company (also known as the two section single export gasification furnace), is in reference to paragraph...
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