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KW3M Two-stage gasifier
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KW3M Two-stage gasifier

The two section gas producer for production company (also known as the double stage coal gasifier, coal gasification) is dedicated to the design of the furnace type, can be in coal by light tar distillation section distillation, gas calorific value than that of KW1M (Duan Lu) series of high environmental protection, more reliable. Is the state Chang and promotion of furnace type.

The cross-sectional area of the dry distillation section is large, the amount of coal storage, coal seam down slowly, carbonization time is longer, so the coal to be fully dry distillation; distillation section in the way of heat transfer is mainly convective heat transfer; simple structure, convenient repair; less investment.

Structural characteristics

Coal feeding: a practical and reliable coal level detector cooperates with stoker complete automatic coal filling, ensure full feed operation.

Pyrolysis: lining lining, this structure by strict heat transfer and heat exchange calculation and design, can improve the heat transfer efficiency of the coal gasification, after sufficient and effective drying, dry distillation, the volatile increase gas caloric value, but also conducive to the lower section of the coal gasification.

Gasification: the water jacket structure, self-produced vapor is used for gasification.

Feeding mechanism: the drum in advanced plate down bell jar feeding mechanism, has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient maintenance and good air tightness.

The cleaning mechanism: the ratchet pawl, hydraulic drive from both sides of ash, dust knife with a self-designed plough type ash knife, stable and reliable transmission, ash smoothly, I plough the ash knife worked on a variety of domestic and imported generator used by users.

KW3MTwo stage gasifier technology parameters

Name Unit Gas generator specifications
2. 2.2. 2.4. 2.6. 3. 3.2. 3.4. 3.6.
Model KW3M 2 KW3M 2.2 KW3M 2.4 KW3M 2.6 KW3M 3 KW3M 3.2 KW3M 3.4 KW3M 3.6
The chamber diameter Mm 2000 2200 2400 2600 3000 3200 3400 3600
For fuel Weakly caking coal, non caking coal and long flame coal
Fuel particle size Mm 25-50 25-80 1325 2580 Anthracite bituminous coal
The largest coal consumption. Kg/h 600-800 Grams 9001400 13001800 18002200 22002500 23002800 2500-3000
Gasifying agent Air steam
Gas production Nm3/h 2000-3000 23003200 29004500 41005500 6000-7000 7000-8000 8000-9000 8500-10000
Gas calorific value KJ/Nm3 More than 6070
The gas outlet temperature The upper C 80-120
The next section C 400-600
The gas outlet pressure The upper Pa 1000-1500
The next section Pa 14701960
Saturation temperature C 50-65
Load of equipment T 70 75 85 95 110 130 150 180
Reference size H1 M 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.8 5.8
H2 M 9.5 9.5 11.5 11.5 11.5 11.5 11.8 11.8
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