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The gasifier is to convert coal into combustible gas -- gas (the main component of CO, H2, CH4) production equipment. The working principle is: according to the index of coal gasification process by screening, Stoker added to the gas in the furnace, the furnace bottom blowing steam from gas is mixed with air as gasifying agent. The coal in the furnace by physical, chemical reaction, generating combustible gas, the gas from the gas stove, after high temperature, after simple purification, commonly known as hot gas. Through multi-channel purification and cooling equipment after the gas temperature is below room temperature, clean gas can be transported through pressurization fan remote, generally referred to as cold gas. A variety of furnace type gas furnace, a coal gasifier, two stage gasifier, distillation type gas furnace, the user may need to use the gas combustion process of gas and cleanliness of choice. The gasifier is widely used in metallurgy, ceramics, glass, nonferrous metal smelting, chemical industry, refractory material, heat treatment, forging, etc..


The gas furnace gas is flowed through fixed bed combustion generated by hot water vapor and air mixture formation of gasification agent. Oxygen, water vapor and fuel in the reaction of carbon contained in air, generated gas contains CO, CO2, H2, CH4, N2 and other ingredients. To improve the thermal efficiency of steam and air mixture, and reduce the temperature of the combustion bed, thereby controlling the formation of frit. Vapor and carbon reaction is an endothermic reaction: C+H2O=CO+H2 Q (Q for the heat, the same below) when the oxygen and carbon reaction when the heat temperature is determined: 2C+O2=2CO+Q combustion bed in gasifying furnace, saturation temperature, particle size and type of fuel furnace. The bed temperature is very important, because for a given fuel and furnace type, which determines the producer gas composition: in high temperature conditions, can produce a large number of combustible gases. Therefore, it is important to maintain high temperature combustion bed without forming frit. The formation temperature is determined from fuel frit slag melting characteristic, in the case of sufficient oxygen, there will be two kinds of reactions: 2CO+O2=2CO2+QC+O2=CO2+Q. Therefore, the production of CO does not necessarily mean that any carbon combustion can reduce the calorific value of gas. In addition, some water vapor also reacted with CO, because each volume CO into CO2, and generate the same volume of H2:CO+H2O=CO2+H2. Therefore, there will be heat loss. In the reduced layer, the temperature is lower than 1200 DEG C, the rapid reaction will appear in the following: CO2+C=2COH2O+C=CO+H2 when the gas through the reduction zone, the combustible gas content increased rapidly, while the CO2 and water vapor content decreased.

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